Life Audit

A life audit will help you be clear about what matters in your life. Are you hanging on to goals from your past that have changed? Are you uncertain about what you really want for your future? The life audit is a thought-starter, a way to reflect on where you are now, and to consider where you want to be.

Each lesson of Thrive will take you through a personalized life audit as a first step to help you reflect on your life and ask yourself some of those questions that can get lost in the daily grind. By focusing on what's really important to you, you can begin to course-correct.

In this lesson, Arianna asks you to consider all your goals large and small. What is really important to you? List your life goals, long-term and short-term. Which do you love thinking about, and which ones stress you out? Write them all on Post-its or a piece of paper.