Your Reading Assignments

Your Reading Assignment: The first reading assignment gives an introduction to the book, tips on breaking bad habits and instilling good ones, personal insights from Arianna and the latest proven research around this lesson's keystone habits: Sleep and Meditation.

Specially Selected Reading Assignments:
  • P. 1-20 Introduction
  • P. 38-53 Meditation: It's Not Just for Entertainment Anymore
  • P. 74-93 Sleep Your Way to the Top
Supplemental Reading to Enhance Your Experience:
  • P. 54-61 Why Gazelles Are My Role Models
  • P. 67-73 Secure Your Own Mask First
  • P. 158-172 Breaking Bad Habits
Sleep Revolution excerpts:
  • P. 165-167
  • P. 1-13
  • P. 103-114
  • P. 209-217